Teaching Learning Academy is one of a kind.
Prepared to represent the best of Human Being and Citizens
Engineer Waheed Dad Khan - Chairman
Mr. Md. A. Umri - Academician & Trainer
Head - Direct Opinion Consultancy, Bangalore
Trainers at TLA are highly qualified and experienced both as teachers and trainers and themselves take part in ongoing training programmes, such as attending conferences and in-house development sessions, in order to keep abreast of the cutting edge of the ELT profession.
The tutors have worked internationally and bring a wide range of key experience, qualifications and knowledge to the course. Additionally     participants in training programs actively engage with content, learning from facilitators through online lectures, visiting guest lectures, printed manuals etc.
Mr. Muhammed Fareeduddin - Customer Support
Director Tech - Abrif Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad
TLA being an initiative for the benefit of the community, we strongly believe success for TLA largely depends on maximum involvement of individuals in the fields of education and therefore an introduction of our work to a large segment of the community translates into having a resourceful marketing strategy. This will ensure that more people are aware of the facilities TLA offers maximum utilisation of resources and give TLA a strong awareness of prevailing educative and teaching requirements so that TLA remains competent enough to flourish into an institution where committed workers while offering their services are compensated modestly.
Engineer. Mohsin Siddiqui - Educationist
Asst. Dir - Understand Al Qur'an Academy, Hyderabad
At TLA we believe that both high standards and high success rates are possible at the same time through a process of continuously improving education standards and techniques. TLA  strives to work closely with teachers and schools, ensuring that the teachers have the best knowledge and training to integrate latest technology into their classrooms and school community
TLA shall regularly assess the effectiveness of the professional development in achieving identified learning goals, improving teaching, and assisting all students in meeting challenging state academic achievement standards.
TLA shall remain focused on the development of both work and management teams to engage in effective continuous improvement, problem solving, and to become a high-performing teams
Mr. Khaja Abdul Moqtader - Coordinator
Businessman, Hyderabad
The lofty goals for which TLA has been established reaffirms the fact that there needs to be a strong co-ordination between different departments , academic staffing, accounts, marketing, financial resourcing so that the strategies devised on mutual consultation can be implemented successfully .
Mr. Mir Asif Ali - Member
Ex-Principal, Luqaman Pharmacy College, Gulbarga
Mr. Muhammed Anwar Khan - Member
HOD - Public Admin, Anwar-ul-Uloom College, Hyderabad
TLA has partnered with Human Welfare Foundation, an umbrella organisation dedicated to bring about transformation on the social landscape of the country. TLA hopes to benefit immensely from the rich experience of HWF in the educational sector.
(ہمارا ٹیم ورک)
Co- ordinatior
Continuous Improvement
Pedagogy 30%
Subjects Training 30%
Islamic Component 20%
Soft Skills 20%
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Teaching Learning Academy is one of a kind. An initiative by like-minded individuals who are committed to the upliftment of school fraternity in Hyderabad Its Diploma in Professional Development for Teachers trains them to be more effective in the classrooms and put their unique training skills to use to prepare tomorrow's leaders.
As a result, they will be well-prepared to represent the best of Human Being and Citizens.
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