Teaching Learning Academy is one of a kind.
Prepared to represent the best of Human Being and Citizens
Initiative to Change
The Old City neighbourhood of Hyderabad which includes the historic Charminar, Makkah Masjid, Chow Mahalla Palace and their surroundings has been greatly lacking in its educational, financial and cultural matters when compared to New City. Without delving into the causes of this downfall, a few like-minded individuals have decided to strive in a planned and organised manner to remove the people from their present situation and to elevate them to an honourable, respectful and progressive status while partnering with all those who exhibit their enthusiasm and commitment to this noble cause.
Realising the limited resources and the unique social scenario, the following gradual steps in different sectors for sound improvements need to be taken .
  • To bring out the new generation from the existing situation and prepare them for the development of the neighbourhood
  • In order to prepare the new generation, the standard of teaching needs to be improved, by training the teachers at various educational institutions equipped with the latest teaching techniques while motivating them towards the noble cause of improving the local, national and global societies. With proper training, this motivation can be transferred to the students who upon completion of their education and training will also have a firm motivation ingrained in them to strive for the betterment of the local, national and global societies while striving to improve their personal situations.
  • Where necessary and possible, children should be provided with financial assistance for their educational needs.
  • Parents have to be encouraged through various programs to strive and play an active role in preparing the new generation.
  • Educational institutions have to be encouraged to modify their policies in favour of the above mentioned noble cause and to benefit from highly qualified, talented and motivated teachers.
Steps for Change
  • Teaching Learning Academy (TLA): To initiate the cause of development, TLA was launched where in teachers are provided with a well organised course plan spread over a duration of 100 hours of training.
  • Within the limits of available resources, students are also being provided with financial assistance. As more resources are made available, the assistance with also be expanded, Insha Allah.
Change Framework
  • Follow up with parents of students, who havebeen provided with assistance, at least twice a year in order to motivate them and involve them in our journey of improving the society and leading the efforts towards this noble cause.
  • To continue the work of TLA and provide financial support to students, financial assistance and donations from people of goodwill is necessary so that the efforts towards educational and societal development can be hastened and expanded quickly. For this reason, a bank account will be opened on behalf of TLA, where donations can be made.
  • To meet the challenges that arise along the way, the managing committee will meet periodically to assess the situation so as to expand and improve their plans in light of their experience and suggestions.
Changes So Far
  • The first batch of exemplary teachers ranging from beginning classes to 10th standard were trained by TLA. A lot of struggle and efforts had to be made towards the first batch for which only 10 students could be enrolled. Alhamdulillah for the second batch, 80 applications were received from which only 30 students could be enrolled. No fees have been charged so far. A nominal fee will be charged from the third batch onwards which is expected to begin soon. The fees will be charged in order to strengthen the commitment of the students and to make TLA financially self supporting.
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Teaching Learning Academy is one of a kind. An initiative by like-minded individuals who are committed to the upliftment of school fraternity in Hyderabad Its Diploma in Professional Development for Teachers trains them to be more effective in the classrooms and put their unique training skills to use to prepare tomorrow's leaders.
As a result, they will be well-prepared to represent the best of Human Being and Citizens.
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