Teaching Learning Academy is one of a kind.
Prepared to represent the best of Human Being and Citizens
Mr. Umri is experienced in providing solutions for schools; has over 20+ years of professional experience working in schools across the country in various positions. He has designed, setup and administered schools and presented training courses to School Management, Heads & Teachers at various levels. He has developed numerous training manuals for a myriad of clients and served as a consultant on interpersonal and organizational structure. Energy, describes his lasting capability. He is able to multitask, skilled at planning & organizing and delivers best under pressure.
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Teaching Learning Academy is one of a kind. An initiative by like-minded individuals who are committed to the upliftment of school fraternity in Hyderabad Its Diploma in Professional Development for Teachers trains them to be more effective in the classrooms and put their unique training skills to use to prepare tomorrow's leaders.
As a result, they will be well-prepared to represent the best of Human Being and Citizens.
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Standard Public School,Khilwat,Hyderabad.
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