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Assalamualaikum Ladies and Gentlemen,
The cultural, educational,economic and civil progress of the old city of Hyderabad mostly populated with Muslim community situated in the vicinity of the historical Charminar , is very slow. We a group of like minded people, planned an overall development of the region.
For this purpose we have decided to educate and train the coming generation as we believe them to be the architects of the future of this region. As a first step in this direction we have established “Tla” for the training of teachers with high aims, commitment and skills to work for the community and the country who shall further impart the same spirit and qualities in their students.
With a vision- “ To strive to boost the speed of educational social and moral development of the old city Hyderabad in such a way that it’s respectable civilized and progressive status of the area becomes an ideal example for other regions”.
Our mission To reform and uplift the social, cultural and moral status of the region of old city Hyderabad we decided to establish an academy Tla through which the teachers working in this area will be trained to work with high aim and noble passions to serve the community and the country.
The trained teachers will in turn transfer the same spirit in their students. Thus the students produced with sincere and noble aim and passion will work for the development of their community and the country. Thus resulting in a big change in the region within a decade.
Our plan is to involve the parents and school authorities of the region to achieve a healthy and ideal big change in the social life of the Muslim community living in this vicinity.
Ladies and Gentlemen!
With the above vision and mission, Alhumdulillah we have established, “Tla” in August 2012.
Until now two batches have been trained in a course of 100 hours and we are about to begin our training of 100hrs for the 3rd batch.
In the first batch we could attract only 13 students while we received 80 applications for the second batch . But due to our limited resources could give admission to 30 students only.
The first two batches were not charged with any fee However from 3rd batch onward we have planned to charge a nominal fee which we hope, will help to increase the commitment in the students towards the training and it will also help in meeting the financial requirements of “Tla”to some extent.
In addition to the training of teachers we are providing financial assistance to poor students. This financial help for education need to be extended significantly as a big number of the people living in this area is below poverty level. This area is full of slums and the number of slum areas is increasing while child labours and school drop- outs are common.
Without financial help the dream to develop the area can not be materialized hence we earnestly and strongly request our well wishers to extend their helping hand for the noble cause of the development of the Muslim community in the old city.
Respected viewers! Part of the Tlatraining program is to organize guest lectures A few clips of these lectures are given below and can also be found on our website www.tlahyd.org this will help you know our work.
Waheed Dad Khan - Chairman
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Teaching Learning Academy is one of a kind. An initiative by like-minded individuals who are committed to the upliftment of school fraternity in Hyderabad Its Diploma in Professional Development for Teachers trains them to be more effective in the classrooms and put their unique training skills to use to prepare tomorrow's leaders.
As a result, they will be well-prepared to represent the best of Human Being and Citizens.
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